When the grandkids aren't around to help you.......
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Tech Tips and Tutorials for Seniors
There's no reason to be intimidated by technology. Browse these videos to make your technology experience a lot simpler! 

Computer Tips

Stop Providing Free Comcast Internet to Your Neighbors.
Avoid Having to Sign On When Starting Windows 10
How to Create a Movie with Windows Live Movie Maker
How to Organize Bookmarks with Windows 10 Edge
How to Change Search Engines with Windows 10 Edge
Activating Cortana Voice Activation in Windows 10
How to Enlarge Your Computer Screen's Display

How to Copy & Paste

How to Burn Data Files to a CD

How to Navigate Windows with ALT/TAB
How to Transfer Files with a Flash Drive

Beating the Scammers - Part I
Beating the Scammers - Part II
How to Create a Hyperlink in an email

How to Make File Extensions Visible in Windows Explorer

How to Use the Snipping Tool in Windows Vista and 7
How to Capture a Screen Shot
How to Connect  a Laptop to a TV
How to Close a Frozen Program

How to Transfer Photos from Digital Camera to PC

How to Resize Multiple Photos with Photoshop Elements

How to Correct a Tilted Photo with PhotoShop

How to Convert Part of a Picture to Black and White

What's My Stuff Worth on eBay?

iPhone Tips
Block Unwanted Calls to Your iPhone
How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC (Windows 10)

iPhoneography - iPhone Photography Tips and Apps
Google Location History
Pro HDR app for iPhones
iPhone 5 Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts
How to Save Website Shortcuts on iPhone's Homescreen

Taking Videos With a SmartPhone

Taking Panorama Photos with the iPhone 4s or 5

How to Create App Folders on an iPhone
How to Erase All Content From an iPhone
How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

How to Create Photo Albums on an iPhone
How to Shut Down a hung iPhone App
How to Ignore an Unwanted WiFi Network

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